Published on: 13-9-2021

RF (radio frequency) and its associated applications like data transmission or dielectric heating is a technology more than 100 years old. Faraday, Maxwell, Tesla, and Hertz are but a few famous names connected with it.

New applications making use of the technology are changing our current ways of working and will continue to change everyone’s life. In the upcoming years, we will all learn more about 5G, ultra-wideband communications (UWB), the internet of things (IoT), RF Energy applications, and sophisticated imaging-(magnetic resonance imaging [MRI]), and sensing technologies (automotive radar). All great applications and mostly driven by experienced, commercially driven companies.

There is nothing wrong with that, but where to go as an independent start-up with limited budgets, as a student that sees a great solution based upon RF technology, or a commercial company that thinks RF might be a solution to an issue, but first wants to look into this with a group of people to have a 2nd opinion?

For these and many more (possible) questions, Holland Semiconductors wants to found the Dutch ‘RF Knowledge Lab’. This desk shall become a partnership between commercial companies, national communities, universities, and institutes. Together they can accept questions and suggestions from companies, inventors, and end-users that think about RF technology as a solution for their issues and ideas. The benefits for the participants and Dutch economy are vast and among others:

  • Further, increase the critical mass for the RF ecosystem already present with the Netherlands;
  • Concentrate knowledge, test facilities, know-how, and expertise into a single-point-of-contact;
  • Facilitate further cooperation amongst the RF technology companies, universities, and international end-user companies;
  • Attract start-ups and new business ideas;
  • Showcase RF technologies and applications;
  • Make the technologies and materials available on a lab-scale;

The RF Knowledge Lab will operate as a unique and stand-alone desk to support (international) companies, which of course can also be based in Germany or Belgium. They can benefit from the Dutch-based knowledge and already available landscape.

Feel free to contact Holland Semiconductors for more information about this great initiative!


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