Published on: 23-12-2021

One of our key tasks at Holland Semiconductors is to support our members in doing business abroad.  We do this in close partnership with Dutch embassies, consulates and trade offices all over the world.

The Netherlands embassy in Singapore and the Singapore Semiconductor Association ask our support in the following business opportunity:

In Singapore there is demand for AI / ML solutions to raise productivity in 3 fields:

  1. Fabrication: Optimizing tool parameters for shorter processing times, lower defects;
  2. Testing/Wafer Inspections: Going through millions of images to identify defects better than humans;
  3. Chip Design: Model & predict likely failures in new designs.

Are you a Dutch high tech company active in AI/ML solutions and preferably with a focus on one of the three above fields?

Please get in touch with us, in case you see an opportunity for your company, and we will put you in contact with the Netherlands embassy in Singapore.

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