Published on: 28-10-2019

The world of integrated photonics: a new emerging market of integrated photonics, next to the mature market of the high tech industry, semicon and manufacturing industry.

Get the best of both worlds at the PhotonDelta Day 2019! Together we are able to grow insights: analyze the differences and similarities between the industries and learn from each other.


Program details

At the PhotonDelta day a variety of people and companies tell you about the lessons learned from high tech and semicon Industry and you can discover how and to what extend these lessons apply to the world of integrated photonics. Related high tech and semicon companies can learn about the integrated photonics technology and their characteristics and determine which business opportunities arise for them.

Date: Tuesday December 3
Time: 12:00-19:00h
Location: Hotel Papendal, Arnhem  -> Route and parking



12:00h            Walk-in and lunch

12:45h             Welcome by chairman of the day Charles Smit (Chairman Holland Semiconductors)

12:55h             First year of PhotonDelta by Ewit Roos (CEO PhotonDelta)

13:10h              Keynote by Martijn Heck (Aarhus University)

13:45h              Airbus – presenting their vision on integrated photonics

14:05h              Dialogue of designhouses – disclosure of insights: in a dialogue, we will compare  the design of the two industries. We have asked prominents, working in and known with design houses, to what extend the now somewhat separate worlds can learn from each other. Integrated photonics claims to be state of the art and to be different,  but that statement will be challenged. With Tim Tieke (Bruco), Ronald Broeke (Bright Photonics), and Ton Backx (TU/e).

14:40h              Networking break

15:25h              Sub-sessions

  • Photonics Integration Technology Center: a look into our plans. What is needed by the industry, what is the vision of our Universities on this technology centre and what can we learn from other initiatives that try to overcome the gap between knowledge and industry? With Johan Feenstra (SMART Photonics), Jaap Lombaers (TNO) and Pieter Telleman (University Twente).
  •  PhotonDelta Flagship: meeting the ecosystem partners and their joint project on the hybrid InP and TriPleX technology platform in chip design, chip manufacturing, assembly, packaging and testing for a Spaceborne Satellite Communication Module.
  • Insights on the packaging challenges. Carol de Vries did research on the packaging challenges at both industries: integrated photonics and the semicon industry. In this sub-session you can learn from his insights and you can bring your experience or question to the table!
  •  Equipment needs by the emerging industry. Companies within integrated photonics are scaling up their business, which comes with the need to automate their production processs. In this session we will explore the need and the possibilities by both the industry and the equipment developers, guided and initiated by Ben van der Zon en Ton Peijnenburg, High Tech NL and High Tech Systems Center.

16:45h              Moonshots: the latest insights on integrated photonics, by two talented professors from our technology universities. Sonia Garcia Blanco will take you on a journey to her work of field.

17:15h              Next steps and closing by Charles Smit

17:25h              Drinks and moment of networking



The event is interesting for representatives of the integrated photonics industry and representatives of equipment developing/producing companies in the high tech sector and semicon industry. Free entry.

Register here.


If you have any questions or remarks about this event, please contact PhotonDelta Office via or +31 (0)85 112 43 37.

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