Published on: 03-6-2021

The Dutch and Taiwanese semiconductor industries have a long history of cooperation, are interdependent, and are strong trade partners. The Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs recently finalized a study of the Dutch semiconductor industry, which provided an overview of the Dutch strengths in equipment, components, RF, and integrated photonics.

Taiwan plays a crucial role in production, packaging, and testing in the global semiconductor supply chain, and the Taiwanese strengths are very compatible with the Dutch semiconductor industry. On July 13, we will kick off the Netherlands – Taiwan Semiconductor dialogue, which will consist of a series of webinars on relevant topics for further cooperation. During these webinars, Dutch and Taiwanese businesses will be invited to share their innovative solutions and hopefully, this will lead to new and strengthened business cooperation in the Dutch – Taiwanese semiconductor supply chain.


Event details

Date | 13 July

Time | 10:00-11:30 NL time / 16:00 – 17:30 Taiwan time

Location | Online event

Moderator | Tom van der Dussen, Project Manager Holland Semiconductors

Organizers | Holland Semiconductors, RVO, NL Office Taipei, SEMI Taiwan


Registration for this event is closed



16:00 | Opening remarks by the Netherlands Office Taipei,

  • Guido Tielman, representative  Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan & the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate of the Netherlands
  • Jang-Hwa Leu,  Director-General  of the Industrial Development Bureau, under the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs;
  • Focco Vijselaar, Director-General, Enterprise & Innovation, Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate of the Netherlands.

16:10 | Keynote Speakers on the Dutch – Taiwan Semiconductor Supply-Chain and potential future cooperation

  • Maria Marced, President Europe, TSMC
  • Frits van Hout, former EVP & Chief Strategy Officer of ASML
  • Terry Tsao, Global Chief Marketing Officer and President of SEMI Taiwan
  • Guy Wittich, Senior Policy Advisor – Semiconductor Industry, Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate of the Netherlands.
  • Roland van Vliet, COO Nearfield Instruments B.V.

16:45 | Discussion

17:15 | Closing remarks and looking ahead on the planned program for the coming months with a series of webinars on topics for cooperation such as:

  • Equipment
  • Components
  • Sustainability
  • Finance (access for tech hardware startups)
  • Intergrated photonics
  • Compound materials
  • Advanced packaging
  • Other areas, namely……..

Do you have any questions or suggestions beforehand regarding the initiatives for semiconductor cooperation between the Netherlands and Taiwan? Let us know by sending an email to Tom van der Dussen.



The semiconductor industry is Taiwan’s most important industry. It is responsible for most of Taiwan’s exports, 14% of its GDP, and a strategically important sector. The Netherlands High-Tech industry has played an important role in the past in Taiwan. Philips was a founding partner of TSMC and its first customer, and these interdependent business ties are still evident today with ASML as a vital supplier to TSMC and other Taiwanese foundries, and NXP as one of their largest EU-based customers. The trade relationship between the Netherlands and Taiwan is about 6 billion euro annually dominated by the semiconductor industry. Because of the mutual importance, the Netherlands Office Taipei together with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and High Tech NL/ Holland Semiconductors takes the initiative to organize a series of activities aimed at strengthening relations in the semiconductor supply chain between the Netherlands and Taiwan even further.


Taiwan ranks 2nd in the global semiconductor industry by market share. The key strength of Taiwan’s semiconductor industry lies in semiconductor manufacturing, with TSMC being the world’s largest and most advanced foundry-only chip manufacturer. However, Taiwan’s semiconductor industry is a lot more than just TSMC, as it is also home to UMC, Nanya, and various specialist chip manufacturers. Next to that Taiwan is strong in IC design with Mediatek, Novatek, and Realtek and Taiwanese companies have a leading position with a global market share of about 50% in back-end packaging, assembly, and testing, including companies such as ASE Group, SPIL, and PTI.


The Netherlands main strength lies in semiconductor equipment manufacturing. ASML’s lithography machines, including the EUV machines, are the most well-known example of this Dutch strength in Equipment. Around ASML there is a complete eco-system of Dutch High-tech companies. There are notable Dutch equipment suppliers such as ASM International, Besi, and a range of SME equipment manufacturers and component suppliers. Other Dutch strengths in the semiconductor industry can be found in specific niches, like IC design in RF, testing, integrated photonics, and compound materials.


The Dutch and Taiwanese semiconductor industry are compatible with each other and this results in a strong trade relation which we want to strengthen even further with a series of online webinars covering multiple topics of interest to both the Dutch and Taiwanese semiconductor industry, to explore new cooperation potential in the semiconductor industry between the Netherlands and Taiwan.


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