Published on: 23-3-2021

Innovation & export, market opportunities across the border. Dutch companies and knowledge institutions are invited to contribute to innovative solutions for Energy, Sustainability, and Digitization in Germany and France.

What market opportunities are there specifically for your organization? What are the challenges, which innovations can be deployed abroad in the short term, which knowledge institutions and governments are looking for (technology) partners, what is the best approach for human capital?

Join the conversation on Monday, May 31, 2021, during the Spring Event of Holland High Tech during Dutch Technology Week. This year’s topic is Innovation & export, market opportunities across the border. The focus countries of this event are Germany and France.

Around the table are experts from SMEs, knowledge partners, and governments:

  • Professionals from the aviation and automotive sector, who work closely with companies in lightweight materials, photonics, nanotechnology, and smart industries.
  • The Innovation Attaches of the Dutch embassies in Germany and France


More information (in Dutch)

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