Published on: 22-9-2022

On Wednesday, October 5, 2022, High Tech NL / Holland Semiconductors will host  ’The RF Knowledge Lab introduction and brainstorming session’.

Radio waves are everywhere and play an important role in today’s national and international technological developments. With many of these developments already taking place in the Netherlands and particularly in the Nijmegen region, it is time to act and join forces in the RF Knowledge Lab at the Novio Tech Campus.

Currently, there is no independent desk or entry point that offers services for (international) customer requests to turn functional questions into RF solutions and products. With the RF Knowledge Lab, we want to offer this international service and create business opportunities for Dutch RF companies.

In the upcoming year, High Tech NL/Holland Semiconductors will develop the business plan with the intention to establish the RF Knowledge Lab in 2023. In order to do this, we need you to partner up in this initiative and contribute your specialist knowledge on the cutting edge of RF technology during the introduction and brainstorming session on October 5. Our main focus will be on cooperation and jointly looking at possibilities and opportunities.

Presentations and brainstorm

The purpose of this brainstorming session is to jointly determine how the RF knowledge Lab can contribute to the development and expansion of developments and applications in the field of RF.

‘Quantum Delta NL: setting up a high-tech ecosystem’

Hugo GelevertKey-note speech by Hugo Gelevert, Senior Business Consultant at TNO and part of the core team of Quantum Delta.

At TNO, Hugo Gelevert, has drawn up and published strategic innovation agendas for various sectors. One of the examples is the National Agenda Quantum Technology, launched in 2019, which forms the basis of the Quantum Delta NL program. Hugo is closely involved in the development and implementation of this growth fund program. In his presentation, he will discuss its origin and design, the joint ambitions of the parties involved, and how Quantum Delta NL stimulates and encourages the formation and upscaling of a thriving quantum ecosystem.

RF applications

During the afternoon all participants are given the opportunity to share a special case regarding RF application through a short presentation (max. 3 min.).

Breakout sessions

In the last part of the program, we will split up into small brainstorming groups that work on different issues on the implementation of the RF Knowledge Lab.
The afternoon will be concluded with networking drinks.


14.00 | Welcome & opening

14.05 | Introduction and presentations

15.00 | Brainstorm sessions in small groups

16.15  | Plenary sharing and reflecting on group sessions

16.30 | Networking & drinks

17.00 | End

Closed session

Participation in this brainstorming session is by invitation only. Do you think you can make an important contribution to this brainstorming session on October 5 or are you interested in the RF Knowledge Lab? Let us know by sending an email to

Practical details

Date | Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Time | 14.00-17.00
Location | Novio Tech Campus, Nijmegen

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