Published on: 22-6-2021

On Tuesday, September 21, 2021, from 16.00-17.00h, Holland Semiconductors presents the third online “Holland Semiconductors Topic Special” event. This edition’s topic is “Business Development”. We look forward to meeting you and your colleagues to participate in this interactive round table discussion.


During the online live broadcast, three table guests will present their personal experiences and views on international Business Development. They will do this by sharing the lessons learned from other HighTech companies, about strategy formation, making hard choices, and options for a successful market approach. Building a company is not easy, even if your product and services are of high quality. Let’s learn from these experienced businessmen!

Subsequently, the participants are given the opportunity to discuss this topic with the table guests and each other. Previous editions have learned the High Tech NL / Holland Semiconductors community holds active members, that want to learn from each other!

This live session will be hosted and moderated by Tom van der Dussen, Project Manager of Holland Semiconductors. Feel free to contact him about this and all our other events.

Quests at the table:
Rick Scholte | CEO, Sorama
Emile Asselbergs | COO, Cryosol-World BV
Hans Meeske | Managing Director, Holland Innovative


These are exciting times for the Semiconductor industry! Let’s take this window of opportunity together. Register now!





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