Published on: 20-02-2022

When the chips are down

New report published on the future of Europe’s semiconductor industry highlights the importance of innovation, clusters and deep tech....

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Published on: 12-10-2021

Dutch RF Knowledge Lab Update

Holland Semiconductors wants to found the Dutch ‘RF Knowledge Lab’. This desk shall become a partnership between commercial companies, national communities, universities, and institutes....

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Published on: 24-11-2020


Integrated Photonics is rapidly gaining interest from the market. However, as an emerging technology, the production facilities are not yet geared up to efficient and cost-effective medium size to hig...

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Published on: 06-07-2020

Semicon Europe 2020

At SEMICON Europe we show the Dutch Semicon landscape. This shows the strength of the Netherlands: creative collaboration between the end-product producers and its supply chain. The Holland High Tech ...

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Published on: 25-03-2020

Call for medical devices

In the Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world, people and companies are working hard in fighting the Coronavirus. However, even though various production lines for medical devices have already ...

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