Driving the “GaN Valley” in Europe and beyond

BelGaN originated in February 2022 from the acquisition of parts of onsemi in Belgium. BelGaN adds an open foundry to the Wide-Band-Gap (WBG) ecosystem, bringing additional capacity and unique services such as ‘development-as-a-service’, innovation and automotive quality, supporting the deployment of WBG solutions for a sustainable electrified future.

The unique properties of GaN materials and devices enable systems with significant reduction in size and weight, 20-30% higher energy efficiency (reduced energy waste and carbon emission), while reducing overall system costs. Multi-market applications benefitting from GaN are e.g. fast efficient chargers, data centres, e-mobility, renewable energy sources (solar/wind), LED-drivers, e-motors (robotics, drones, appliances) etc. The market for GaN chips is expected to strongly accelerate by 10X over the coming 5 yrs to over 2B$ by 2027.

The WBG industry, bringing disruptive technology and products, will greatly benefit from collaboration throughout the value chain. BelGaN, together with partners, will drive a growing ‘GaN-Valley’ ecosystem in Flanders and beyond. Si-Valley has been instrumental to install and grow a silicon/data-based industry over the past 50yrs supporting the transition to a digital society. Similarly, GaN-Valley will enable the growing electrification while reducing carbon footprint, enabling a transition to a green, electrified, society.

BelGaN is looking forward to work with partners, suppliers, customers in the Netherlands, and invite them to join the GaN-Valley ecosystem.

For further information, check www.belgan.com or contact Dr. Marnix Tack, CTO of BelGaN at marnix.tack@belgan.com