High Tech NL / Holland Semiconductors is the sector organization by and for innovative Dutch semiconductors companies and knowledge institutes. High Tech NL / Holland Semiconductors is committed to the collective interests of the sector, with a focus on long-term innovation and international collaboration(among other things integrated photonics IC’s and bio-medical applications). Members share their knowledge, look for ways to cooperate, and use the powerful network to become more successful innovators.

Successful cooperation

Cooperation and innovation form an important foundation for success. The long-term perspective of the semiconductors industry demands continuous innovation and therefore cooperation between industry and knowledge institutes. No single company can master all technologies needed to generate true innovations/substantial breakthrough innovations. Creating a network where companies and institutes can find technology partners in the Netherlands and abroad, is the main goal for High Tech NL / Holland Semiconductors.

Heart of the semiconductor industry

Innovation is at the heart of the semiconductor industry. New opportunities are explored by combining insights and competencies from partners with different backgrounds. Starting with network events and encounters, innovation takes place between partners, by international collaboration, and by making use of each partner’s strengths and resources.

Innovation projects

Holland Semiconductors is core partner in the following projects:

  • Rocket Reloaded >  Regional collaboration between Germany and the Netherlands on Key Enabling Technologies.
  • RF Knowledge Lab> Connecting RF knowledge with questions from (international) companies/organisations.

REACT-EU (European Regional Development Fund / OP Oost) projects:

  • FLEXIT > The high volume production line for Integrated Photonics!
  • MEKOPP > Metrology Equipment for critical scale up of PIC Production
  • SensorChip > Development of micro-photonic chip based gas, liquid and biosensors

New areas

New areas that we explore right at this moment.