With its innovative solutions for Ethernet demarcation, Circuit Emulation and Carrier Class switching, AimValley addresses the demands of next generation packet based networks, supporting applications ranging from legacy based services to bandwidth demanding data and video. In addition, AimValley off ers a full range of system level services including product defi nition and architecture, software design, systems testing, hardware design, and factory introduction. From stand-alone consultancy to comprehensive turnkey solutions. AimValley builds on its experience gained at leading telecom suppliers and technology research labs.




  • Contract Development
  • In all development disciplines: hardware, software, ASICs and FPGAs.
    Characterized by short development cycles, resulting in
    products that are highly reliable and cost effective.
  • Consultancy
  • The vast experience in communication products and network applications
    enables AimValley to deliver consultancy in areas such as IP, Ethernet,
    Circuit Emulation SDH, SONET, OSI, Synchronization, Controllers and Interfaces.

• Network Interface Devices, EX14 Transport NID
• Smart SFP™, OAM Smart SFP (Link OAM, Service OAM)
• TSoP Smart SFP, Transparent SONET/SDH over Packet inside an SFP!
• Building Blocks for your Multi-Service Systems
TDM over Packet solutions (AC2150, AC2380)
SFP-155E STM-1 electrical pluggable SFP module

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