ASMPT ALSI was founded in the year 2000 as a spin-off from Philips Semiconductors (nowadays NXP) and has been acquired by ASM.

ASMPT ALSI has a strong focus on Innovation and Process Development fitting the needs of the semiconductor industry, enabling ASMPT ALSI to make a difference in the semiconductor laser processing industry.



New applications in the semiconductor industry challenge increasingly the use of standard wafer dicing techniques; thin wafers, brittle material, low-k materials, etc. For many of these new applications ASMPT ALSI’s laser technology offers the ideal solution. Additionally, the ASMPT ALSI multi-beam laser process results in shorter throughput times and smallerdicing street width (< 30 micron), which considerably reduces the Cost of Ownership for semiconductor manufacturers.

ASMPT ALSI’s proprietary multiple beam technology is the only mature laser dicing process that has been proven in high volume production for many years; since more than ten years a wide range major semiconductor companies have been using this laser singulation for dicing and grooving small discrete and LEDs up to large RFIC and IC products at an annual volume in excess of 10 bill.pcs.


  • ICA1204 and ICA1205
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The Application Lab is fully equipped to laser dice or groove your wafer and convince you of our unique laser dicing technique and propositions.


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