Our design products are design blocks available as databases set up for reuse. We offer design services to make the required modification or design additional circuitry. Together we will discuss the impact with respect to feasibility, effort, time and cost it takes for customization. Several business models are available to obtain the designs.


Axiom-IC / Teledyna Dalsa

Custom IC Designs
Teledyne DALSA’s Axiom IC group is a center of excellence in mixed-signal integrated circuits and systems and develops high-performance integrated circuits with the clear focus on data-converters. Various innovative designs are silicon proven and can be delivered as IP module or can be taken as a starting point for design services. Axiom IC provides its customers end-to-end solutions, starting with a system concept and following the design process all the way to full production ramp up.

We enable technologies for product innovations. Our services include:

  • Consultancy
  • Research & Feasibility studies
  • Circuit design including layout
  • Evaluation of devices

We offer business models that fit best to the customer needs, ranging from time and material, turnkey to royalty based agreements. If you are looking for mixed signal designs, in particular data-converters, please contact us so we can explore with you the possibilities for your application and provide the most suitable solution.

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