Boschman Technologies is founded in 1990 and a technology leader in the field of manufacturing hightech auto molding processes and systems for the semiconductor andelectronics industry.

Boschman Technologies

Strategic market segments:

  • Smartcards and discrete packages
  • MEMS and sensor packages
  • Leadless and substrate-based packages
  • Special application packages

Mold tools
All our molds are developed, engineered, manufactured and tested at our mold tooling center in the Netherlands, all under one roof. Our design specialists and experienced craftsmen form a formidable team with one goal in mind: meeting your requirements.

Molding and Sintering Systems
Our molding and sintering systems are developed at our systems R&D facility in the Netherlands. Mechanical, electrical, software, process and mold-design experts work in multi-disciplinary teams to realize the best possible total system solution. Systems are fully produced at Boschman Technologies Asia in Singapore.

Customer involvement
We regularly join forces with R&D departments of our customers to co-develop and research innovative packaging concepts. Early involvement in the development process is a prerequisite to obtain the highest quality, reliable molding processes, the lowest cost of ownership and the shortest time to market.



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