Additional – and highly complementary – to our equipment activities, we provide package design and prototyping services in our fully equipped microelectronics lab at our corporate headquarters in Duiven.


 Markets & applications

  • Power Electronics (sintering and molding of next-generation power modules, SiC, GaN, and Si IGBTs)
  • Automotive (sintering of next-generation drivetrain inverters and converters; high volumetric molding applications)
  • MEMS and Sensors (sintering and molding of bio-medical, optical, CPV, photonic, flow, humidity, fluidic, fingerprint, gas pressure, camera packages)
  • Wafer Level Molding
  • Through Polymer Via (TPV) applications (3D stacking, RF Interconnects, RF Shielding, Optical Windows)

Activities & products

We provide a unique one-stop-shop concept, from idea to industrialization, for semiconductor packaging activities:

  1. Package Development Services
  2. Assembly & Test Services
  3. Industrial Equipment



We are focused on well-defined high-growth market segments incl. Power Electronics (Automotive, Smart Grid, and Industrial), MEMS, and Sensors.

The Global Energy Transformation is a fact, and the Electric Revolution requires next-generation products, technologies, processes, and materials.

We focus on these opportunities with technology leadership in Pressure Sintering and Advanced Molding, supported by our Patented Technologies (DIT, FAM, TPV,…) and unique, unparalleled packaging expertise.




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