Looking back at 25 years of ASIC design, Bruco designs have enabled our customers to change our world today. Our designs can be found in many products close to home like cars, personal entertainment, mobile phones, lighting and industry.

Bruco Integrated Circuits

Bruco IC has broad experience in four key areas:

  • Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
  • Communications
  • Automotive
  • Industrial

Services and solutions
We serve large and small customers all over the world, including leading companies in the international semiconductor industry. We provide design

services and turn-key solutions from early system specification to qualified silicon ready for volume production. To offer our customer the best technical and commercial solutions, Bruco IC has access to a wide range of technologies, e.g. CMOS, BICMOS, Bipolar, SOI, at differentfoundries e.g. X-FAB, Jazz, IBM, TSMC, UMC and ON Semiconductor. Bruco is in a unique position to offer also foundry services from NXP and ELMOS.

Bruco Components
Bruco Components is a sister company of Bruco Integrated Circuits. We deliver services in storage, testing and logistics of wafers and ICs.

Dieco Electronics
Bruco Integrated Circuits is part of Dieco Electronics, besides the sistercompanies Bruco Components and Dizain-Sync.
Dieco Electronics is a group of companies specializing in innovative solutions for electronic development. From mixed signal IC design & design services, to the delivery of your complete IC.


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