For CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS, environmental protection is the essence of our business. Our eco-friendly CLEANSORB technology safely removes hazardous waste gases without consuming energy, water or fuel. Moreover, all of our products are designed for lifetime serviceability and re-use.

CS Clean Systems Benelux

We are an industrial based R&D company, supported by an international team of chemists, physicists and engineers. All of our products are developed in-house from the conception to the tested finished product stage. The process technologies and precursor materials used for chip manufacture continue to diversify against the background of a maturing, globalized industry with increased emphasis on Cost-of-Ownership. At the same time, growing environmental awareness is demanding more efficient usage of materials and a reduction in factory emissions. Proud of our reputation for innovative product design and high-quality engineering, CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS is best prepared and fully committed to solving these exciting new challenges.

Customer involvement
We regularly join forces with R&D departments of our customers to co-develop and research innovative packaging concepts. Early involvement in the development process is a prerequisite to obtain the highest quality, reliable molding processes, the lowest cost of ownership and the shortest time to market.



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