By inkjet printing and integration of micro-electronic manufacturing technologies new capabilities arises.  Especially for products and applications beyond conventional PCBA structures. New products find their application in rapid emerging industries like Internet of Things (IoT), Lab on Chip devices or disposables for healthcare. These solutions can include batteries, RFID or WIFI functionality for wearables or other data collectors.


Micro Device Fab

The Micro Device Fab is a seamless automated manufacturing solution for hybrid electronics. The sheet to sheet (S2S) approach has a versatile setup creating endless possibilities in combining tools and technologies. The Micro Device Fab can be configured as an automated lab for process research and development. Next, the system can switch to automatic and repeat mode. After the pilot and proto-runs are performed, 0-series and small production runs can be scheduled too on the same system. This creates fast pace product development and simplicity in overall logistics avoiding timely and costly migration into global supply chain. The Micro Device Fab is a versatile and stable system. Reproducibility and short time to market are key features so you can move your ideas from innovation directly to industrialization.



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