By inkjet printing and integration of micro-electronic manufacturing technologies, new capabilities arise.  Especially for products and applications beyond conventional PCBA structures. New products find their application in rapidly emerging industries and growth markets like Internet of Things (IoT), Automotive, In-mould electronics, Solar, Lab on Chip devices or disposables for healthcare. These solutions can include batteries, RFID or WiFi functionality for wearables or other data collectors.


State-of-the-art technology consultancy and R&D services

At the forefront of innovation we offer state-of-the-art R&D services and exploration of new capabilities and applications for customers. All based on a practical and industrial approach where developed products and processes are aimed to be transferred into manufacturing. Our approach is lean, agile and dedicated.

Realising opportunities in the industry is best done in a structured approach. We therefore offer contract research, technology consultancy, development of prototypes and project management for five subsequent steps:

  1. demonstrating feasibility
  2. realising functionality
  3. proving reliability
  4. demonstrating capability
  5. preparing productivity

We support all five steps or, depending on the customer needs, a selection of them.

The technology areas include inkjet printing, pre- and post-processing, materials, integration, recipes, quality control, 3D packaging, micro assembly, pick & place, interconnections and nanowires.

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