We enable our customers to test out concepts that may lead to business successes (up to and including small scale production) and build a bridge between Academics and Industrial Innovation. In terms of facilities, processes and expertise, the lab is superbly equipped for micromanufacturing at the cutting edge of integrated circuits, micro-electromechanical systems and working with flexible substrates. The combination of these technologies is what makes the lab unique.

Else Kooi Lab


  • Self Service
    You can use our laboratories and equipment. You need a safety training and equipment/process training.
  • Foundry Services
    We can do the processing for you. Our facilities can only be used for prototyping and small scale production.
  • Joint Development Services
    You can use our extensive expertise to do process research, development and manufacturing.
  • Tailor-made training
    We have the status of preferred training center for many universities and companies world-wide.

Process Flow Development
We can help with the transfer of your idea into a processing flowchart. We give suggestions, potential solutions, and we will try to use as much as possible standardized EKL process steps to increase the chance of success.



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