Our customers are both OEM equipment manufacturers in front-end and back-end processes of the semiconductor supply chain. We have plenty of experience supplying FABS with complex mechanical engineering components. We understand both the design and the practical aspects of high tech components and assemblies. We are proud of our long-lasting partnership with key players in the global semiconductor industry. The question is: how can our passion, our specialism, and innovation help you, to streamline your processes and make your production more effective and efficient?


Are you preparing your next step in performance, both in design and in service level, in quality and logistics? ERIKS understands your needs, like QLTC governance for example. We’re eager to provide technical insights and support your operational excellence. We’re glad to serve our end customers and operate as a partner in the supply chain.

ERIKS has built a large competence center including development, manufacturing, and cleaning of products to semiconductor industry standards. This enables us to supply your company with the required grades of cleanliness and helps to ensure high quality, just in time delivery.

Over the years ERIKS developed a wide range of special seals, hose assemblies, instruments, flow solutions, plastics, precision motion control, rubber and damping products, and materials specifically suited for semiconductor fabrication equipment and has multiple A-brands to service your OEM and MRO needs of your fabrication plants. These products are selected to fit your purpose by our team of experienced application specialists.

How can we help to make your semiconductor business better?

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