HIS uses a device-unique authentication process to extract security keys and unique identifiers from innate characteristics of each semiconductor.
Because these keys are only generated from an extraction of physical properties of the chips when required and don’t remain stored on the system, they provide the highest level of protection.

Intrinsic ID

In addition to securing electronic data in the cloud and on other electronic systems, HIS can be used to prevent identity theft, counterfeiting and cloning of systems, piracy of media content and software apps, software reverse engineering and financial losses by securing mobile payments.

Intrinsic Markets
World-leading players in mobile devices, government and defense, smart-cards and consumer electronics are using Intrinsic-ID products as a solid trust base inside their devices to ensure data security.


  • Saturnus® –  Security Framework
  • Confidentio™ –  Security Processing
  • Quiddikey® – Secure Key Management



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