The JIACO Instruments Microwave Induced Plasma (MIP) decapsulation machine has been in the market since mid-2016 and is now in use by many renown global companies for reliable failure analysis and quality control.

JIACO Instruments

JIACO Instruments technology has quickly become the new industry standard, as conventional acid and plasma decapsulation technologies are not suitable for reliable failure analysis and quality control with the increase in quality requirements and increase in complexity of advanced IC’s. The MIP decapsulation machine allows for easy access to the area of interest during IC failure analysis and facilitates determination of the root cause of the failure.

Based on research undertaken at the Delft University of Technology, JIACO Instruments continues to develop novel decapsulation solutions and other applications & techniques to meet the industries stringent requirements, presenting these solutions through scientific publications at the major failure analysis conferences & workshops held globally such as ISTFA, IPFA, ESREF & CAM Workshop.




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