Medspray was founded in 2001. Our inhalers and sprays will be the next generation inhalers, generating aerosols with narrow distributed particle size distributions, increasing efficacy without adding complexity.

Technology is centered around design and manufacturing of small atomizers using lithography based, silicon micro machined nozzles. The focus is on simple but very efficient, local or systemic delivery of drugs, targeted to specific sites in the human body.


R&D Facilities
Thanks to our unique location at the MESA+ High Tech campus, the clean room facilities for research and development are unlimited. Thin layers of virtually all materials can be used together with both wet and dry etching processes.

Once R&D is finished, chip manufacturing is outsourced to silicon foundries and nozzle assembly lines are set-up in house. All under our Quality System and responsibility.

Aerosol Lab
Properties of formulations to spray are crucial for inhaler performance. Testing Medspray’s aerosols and sprays requires skills and resources that are unique: This know-how has been built in many years of research utilizing an in-house aerosol test lab, resulting in validated test methods. Necessary measurement methods like Next Generation Impactor tests (NGI) and Aerodynamic Particles sizing (APS) are operated daily.


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