MinDCet provides the following services to their customers, based on four activities:

  • Turnkey IC Solutions
  • IC Design Services
  • System/Feasibility Studies
  • Discrete Designs
  • Inductor Characterization and Modeling


MinDCet uses a patent-pending technology to characterize and model of-the-shelf inductors over a wide operating range, as well as a proprietary full-inclusive pre-simulation DC/DC software tool.

Both technologies enable rapid feasibility insights, and wide design space optimization prior to the actual transistor design, yielding a computer aided design space exploration tool. This allows a considerable speed up the actual transistor design and allows more accurate predictions with regard to the final implementation trade-offs.

Additionally, our design tools take into account the process parameters of a given foundry technology, allowing an objective pre-design technology comparison for a given DC/DC converter design.



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