Noviotech Campus is a distinguishing business location with attractive architecture, good connections (its own NS train station amongst others) and special supporting facilities for cooperation, networking and (open) innovation.
A campus for applied innovation (development and production) with a focus on semiconductors and medical/healthcare technology.

Noviotech Campus


Both literally and figuratively the business park connects with the knowledge and industry being generated on the nearby university campus of Heijendaal. It also opens up the special facilities offered by NXP as well as both universities in Nijmegen.

High Tech & Life Science crossover

Noviotech Campus is actively focused on the developments that are taking place at the cross-over between the High Tech and Life Sciences Sectors. Noviotech Campus is a place where companies can exchange knowledge, open an office and make active use of all the available facilities. It is an ideal base for companies which are ready to scale up from the laboratory/test phase to become a fully fledged manufacturing company. Furthermore the on site knowledge, equipment and infrastructure, thanks to NXP Semiconductors, the Radboudumc Technology Centers and Radboud Research Facilities among others, make it a unique and indispensable location.

The region’s unique characteristics and core focus:

  • Creating value thanks to the presence of a complete Life Sciences & Health ecosystem
  • High-tech facilities
  • Knowledge-sharing
  • Research facilities
  • Expertise on nanomedicine/diagnostic devices


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