pinkRF designs, develops and manufactures RF Energy Systems for Industrial, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Scientific applications

Major breakthroughs in technology performance and cost structure of solid state devices will disruptively impact RF energy markets. A wealth of new applications will be enabled by this new technology, ranging from replacement of traditional magnetrons by solid state cooking, plasma lighting, automotive plasma ignition, and numerous medical applications like focused hyperthermia treatment.


In these emerging markets, a lack of knowledge limits market adoption of this new technology and pinkRF is thé go to RF energy company to bridge the gap. Through a strong network of strategic partners pinkRF has access to key technology and to application, manufacturing and industrialization roadmaps which will drive the quick adaptation of the Solid State RF Energy source.

Our key activities are:

  • Sales of turn-key RF Energy Systems
  • Design services including hardware, software and application development and support
  • Prototyping and small scale production
  • Industrialization consultancy
  • IP licensing


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