PPS Holland is an experienced supplier of innovative semi-automatic production systems, test-equipment, tooling, machine & process development for global companies, start-ups and R&D. The company brings out-of-the-box thinking pulling from mechatronics and robotics implementations in Automotive, Semiconductor and High tech all over the world. PPS Holland builds on cross cultural experiences gathered in Mexico, the Czech Republic, China and the Netherlands.

PPS Holland

PPS Holland contributions become valuable during a dynamic implementation phase of mission critical processes and production set ups, where practical solutions thinking is required. Furthermore, the cost to build a machine and/or factory process are complemented with our approach to reduce operational expenditures.

PPS Holland has access to a strong network of specialists and suppliers. From cutting edge semiconductor production and process technologies to supporting newly emerging markets such as robotics & mechatronics, hybrid and flexible electronics, wafer based technology implementations, flexible displays and smart-eco mobility. Most production & process system related competences are part of our DNA. PPS Holland is an extension to on-site knowledge, understanding the importance of people and team work from the project management discipline. The company invests in long-term relationships.




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