In a world of increasingly complex automation needs, we see that solutions purely based on software are not sufficient anymore. In practice it becomes more and more important to develop new digital hardware architectures, ranging from accelerators for compute intensive applications (for example on FPGA), to dedicated processors for specific application domains (such as audio or big data). But we also see many companies struggling with the complexities of designing such new digital hardware.

QBayLogic: The key to FPGA – ASIC design

Unique fundamentally model based methodology

QBayLogic has developed a unique fundamentally model based methodology, which is based on more than ten years of academic research. Some of the powerful advantages are:

  • full control over design details
  • strong verification mechanisms
  • adequate high level abstraction structures
  • straightforward simulation

Due to these advantages, our solutions for customers are first time right, which reduces their time to market considerably. We are proud that leading companies all over the world recognize and trust the benefits of our proven methodology.


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