The company is active in:

  • MEMS & Sensor Design & Fabrication
  • Assembly & Test
  • System Design
  • OEM instrument supply
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Market areas
Application areas for our gas analysis solutions are industrial on-line process control and automation, laboratory analysis instruments and portable devices and sensors.
Application area’s for our MEMS chip design and fabrication services vary but have in common that a the customer is working on miniaturization of their products.

Products / services / solutions
Our core OEM solutions are aimed at fast gas mixture analysis, based on micro gas chromatography and/or thermal conductivity detectors and gas flow sensors.
Complementary services are offered in MEMS chip design, fabrication, assembly and test in the area of micro fluidics and micro mechanics. Examples are micro mixers, sensors, nanoprobes, micro fluidic systems, nozzles plates and thermopiles.



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