We enable our customers to achieve:

  • lower cost of test;
  • higher quality and reliability;
  • improved test fl oor efficiencies;
  • faster time to market
  • streamlined interfaces with their supply chain.

Our solutions are delivered via a unique combination of hardware and test applications expertise. This enables Salland to provide an optimal solution to our customers who want to improve their test processes.

Instrument Solutions

We design and manufacture high quality instruments that are used by our customers to upgrade the power or channel density of their automatic test equipment (ATE). These instruments provide a cost eff ective means for our customers to extend the throughput and useful life of their ATE investments.

Test Applications

We provide a wide range of engineering services including test program development and conversions, test program optimization, load board development, pilot line production and failure analysis. We have our own testers and analysis equipment on site for this business segment. We have delivered over 700 turnkey test applications since our inception.



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