Sencio B.V. is a world class competence center offering development and manufacturing of functional semiconductor assembly solutions for MEMs and sensor systems. From design, package development and prototyping, industrialisation up to volume manufacturing Sencio works with the customer to carry out a product which fits to the desired mission profile.


Sencio’s plastic transfer moulding package solutions are a cost-effective way to bridge the gap between sensor and application. Sencio has a high expertise in assembly of optical, pressure, gas, magnetic and power sensors. From standard package such as QFN, LGA/BGA and XSON to functional package, Sencio can provide packaging for RF, radar, 5G components and with the possibility to integrate different chip technologies like Si, GaAs, GaN, SiGe and passive components like capacitors, strip-lines, pin-diodes, shielding to realize comprehensive System in Package (SiP).

nCapsulate functional packaging is achieved with a high versatility and compatibility with Sencio’s other technologies from exposed die molding to multi-die packaging SiP, among many others. Freeform encapsulate packaging is giving the opportunity to shape the product to the exact requirements of the application. Embedding mechanical systems in electronics using nCapsulate offers a real practical solution for system challenges like improved alignment, mounting- and sealing-features, increased measurement accuracy and improved thermal contact.

We are bridging the gap between the application and the electronics system.




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