Developers of production machines are continuing to focus on increasing productivity and reducing costs. Sioux Technologies supports them in the realization of complete machines or partial solutions, using various advanced methodologies: model-based systems engineering, hardware and software in the loop. This guarantees a shorter time-to-market and an optimal cost of ownership, from design to end of life.

Inspection of systems and modules

Sioux develops and manufactures state-of-the-art inspection systems serving semicon equipment, and has experience in particle scanning, hyperspectral and holographic imaging, electron optics, cartridge SEM and anomaly detection with AI.


Realizing prototypes quickly, properly and cost-effectively requires a close interplay of mechatronic and software engineering.

Sioux Technologies

Data management

Where, among other things, the demand for cost reduction and increasing yield in the production chain of chips is growing, generating, processing and analyzing data with AI and optimizing processes is essential.

Extreme process conditions

Sioux has enormous expertise in shaping production and processes under extreme conditions, for example with respect to high voltages and temperatures, cryogenics and vacuum.

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