Established in 1959 in Tokyo, Japan, SMC has achieved an excellent reputation in industrial automation solutions. Continuously investing in product development, SMC strives to meet its customers’ needs through innovative high quality products. SMC has pursued a strategy of sustainable global growth which has resulted in a sales presence in 83 countries.

The evolution from basic pneumatics to sophisticated automation solutions has granted SMC a global market share of more than 30%. With 12,000 basic products and over 700,000 variations SMC offers solutions from air preparation, instrumentation, through to valves, actuators and electronic components covering practically every single step in the automation process. To date there are 36 manufacturing plants worldwide.

Semiconductor industry
One of SMC’s key markets is the electronic semiconductor industry which is rapidly developing new technologies to produce ever smaller and better microchips. The production in this industry requires the highest purity. SMC has been working closely with leading semicon companies for many years and carries everything: from thermo chillers to valves, regulators for explosive and toxic gases through to systems that carefully mix fluids or realize products with a very low contamination in high vacuum applications.

In Eindhoven SMC operates a multifunctional technology center, offering industrial services close to its customers. Technology Center Eindhoven provides customized subassemblies  – also built in the ISO 6 validated cleanroom  – and thermo chiller service.

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