Solmates uses science, technology and international collaborations to further develop PLD equipment for Semicon volume manufacturing.

Revolutionary technology suitable for volume manufacturing

Solmates mission is to bring the benefits of PLD technology to the volume manufacturing market. With over 12 years of experience and cooperation with international top institutions, Solmates has worked on this revolutionary deposition technology enabling the creation of novel material stacks and properties.

A variety of customizable platforms

Today Solmates offers PLD systems that are fully cluster-compatible, that enable processing of substrates up to 300 mm with industrial throughput numbers. Because of this functionality, PLD can now be considered a serious manufacturing solution for a wide range of materials, supporting a wide range of applications.

PLD platforms allow labs and foundries to add 30+ new materials to their deposition portfolio. Dielectric, ferroelectric and piezoelectric material depositions performed in any desirable sequence can run stand-alone or integrated as part of a cluster platform.

Solmates PLD
Strong network

Solmates process quality is further enhanced through our strong network of qualified suppliers and our investors. As a highly innovative company we can combine IP-protected hardware with effective processes to meet the new semiconductor demands for the ‘More than Moore’ applications. Our equipment offers in-line, standardized, fully automated (SEMI compliant) and user-friendly deposition equipment. Reliability and stability of the equipment is a cornerstone of our design philosophy.



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