This resulted in the PiezoFlare 1200 a system with which a new class of materials can be deposited such as the piezoelectric material Pb (zr,Ti) O3. This enables for example movement on a chip for  emerging thin layer piezo based applications like novel generation print-heads, micropumps, RF-MEMS, micromirrors or other chip based sensors and actuators.

SolMateS’ research department has created unique intellectual property in the field of pulsed laser deposition and  has built high expertise on piezo thin layers, its processing and its applications.


PiezoFlare 800
The PiezoFlare 800 is a manually operated PLD system.This equipment can hold up to 4 different targets and can process any wafer or substrate size below a diameter of 200 mm (or 150 mm square).The source of the Pulsed Laser process is an 80 Watt Excimer laser with a fully automated beam delivery system. The tool has been designed for ease of maintenance with a high standard of reproducibility and stability.

The reactor can process in a vacuum environment with a temperature ranging from 25 up to 800 °C with background gasses as N2, O2, or Ar and on request additional gasses are possible.

PiezoFlare 1200
The reactor of the PiezoFlare 1200 is similar to its development version, the PiezoFlare 800.The main differences are the automated wafer handling, the software and GUI.



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