The transport and control of ultra-pure gases and liquids is our core business since 1952. Our assemblies and products are manufactured in our ISO class 4 cleanroom – leak tight and clean. Our customers are OEMs, co-makers and end-users who are active in the semiconductor, optical, life science, and pharmaceutical industries.

Gases in your machines need to be free of particle and molecular contamination. We have expertise in aggressive media, a wide range of operating pressures, temperatures, and flow precision control.

Thermal control is essential in high-end machines and an important part of your machine. Accurate and reliable control of flow in small spaces requires special solutions, such as vibration resistance and immunity to galvanic corrosion. As a strong technical partner, we design your assembly in a cost efficient and certified clean way.

During your product life cycle we will add value ranging from coengineering, product selection and prototyping to stock keeping. As a solid system supply partner, we offer brand-independent alternatives in low availability situations. We also provide direct local support with our own offices in China (2001), the US (2004) and Taiwan (2009) to make your technology work.

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