Integration of technology-based research and its application in specific domains is a clear focus of IC-Design. Therefore, our mission is ‘To be an internationally acknowledged scientific research institute in the area of design and application of advanced telematics and information technology systems, and their integration into user environments’.

Research themes
IC-Design’s research builds on two major research pillars:
1. Cyber-Physical Systems
2. Socio-Technical systems

Crossing these pillars, there are several themes on which research is being performed, such as:

  • Digital security
  • Intelligent logistics and mobility
  • Monitoring and persuasive technologies (e.g., e-Health)
  • Robotics
  • Big data

IC-Design’s research is internationally oriented; there is a large participation within European projects.  The research areas of IC-Design are linked to scientific challenges that are either economically relevant (such as the Dutch Top Sectors, pillar 2 Industrial Leadership Horizon 2020), or socially relevant (e.g., pillar 3 of Horizon 2020 Societal Challenges).


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